interior design

Interior design is personal. We all have different perspectives on what constitutes a beautiful property. Therefore, our homes and workplaces should reflect and celebrate this identifying distinction between us. We embrace personality, differences and style to create a unique interior design scheme that reflects the true you. Whether you desire a bohemian, contemporary, French or minimalist look, our talented interior designs will harness your ideas and create a unique interior that epitomises your style and sophistication.

interior design services

We provide a comprehensive range of interior design services. Whatever style you are looking to emulate, we can fulfil your needs. Our services include:

home interiors

Our exceptionally talented interior designers work with your ideas and design inspiration to create stunning home interiors that inject colour, texture and inspiration into your space. We can effectuate the atmosphere and mood you desire to promote relaxation, creativity or a tranquil home working environment.

Each client is provided a first-class service including extensive consultations. These will entail mood board creation, exploration of fabrics and textures and consideration of furniture and wall art to balance the design. It is our aim to guide you through a maze of ideas and help you realise your dream home interior.

commercial interiors

A workplace should inspire employees, kick-start creativity and enhance productivity. Our designers have extensive experience in designing commercial interiors that are cohesive with your business ideals. From creating breakout rooms to superior executive offices, each and every detail is meticulously planned.

types of interior design schemes

Clients often ask us, “what types of interior design schemes are on trend?”. Although there are a multitude of categorised ideas from the popular Louis era French decor styling to cutting edge contemporary design, nothing truly reflects your style but you. As a result, whatever ideas you have, whether its combining Bauhaus design schemes with contemporary digital wall art, or fusing mid-century inspiration with a minimalist touch, we can deliver your vision.

our process

1. Developing the concept

Initially we consult with you regarding your likes, dislikes and budget. We will explore an endless range of possibilities to establish a basis for the design concept.

2. Site visit (virtual or in person)

One of our experienced interior designers will visit your property to take professional measurements. Alternatively, the customer can provide these if it is a virtual meeting.

3. Conceptual design work

This is the exciting stage where we accumulate sketches, mood boards, textures, prints, wallpaper, colours, flooring options and luxury fabrics to create a design scheme that is in keeping with your requirements.

4. Sign off

The final design will be created for signing off. Once the scheme is confirmed we will proceed with ordering the materials.

5. Technical Design Planning

Using floor plans and technical drawings, we will complete a full design specification which ensures the full design scheme is clearly communicated to the tender.

6. Finishing touches

Recommendations for finishing touches such as additional soft furnishings, artwork and ornaments to complete the look.

book a design consultation

We welcome enquiries and are ready and waiting to guide you through an abundance of creative interior ideas. To book a consultation, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

contact perfect rooms & interiors

Contact Perfect Rooms & Interiors or visit our showroom in Corsham for design inspiration, advice and dedicated interior design services. Whether you need to make a house a home or require internal decor styling for your business, you can trust us to exceed your expectations and take your design aspirations to the next level.