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A Touch of Vintage

Our ever faithful Sanderson are always coming up with innovative ways to stay on trend.

Their new collection is no different. They have done what other so often miss, which is to stay en vogue but also timeless and classic. Our friends at Sanderson understand that changing your home with every season can be very expensive, and so whilst it is nice to feel you are keeping up with the Jones’, the Jones’ are not making you bankrupt!

Vintage 2 is a beautiful, pretty collection, combining subtle floral prints with an oldy-wordly feel of tea parties and small village fetes. Fabrics that are suitable for both curtains and blinds, and occasional upholstery. The clever colours in this collection will easily slip into any home, and blend with what you already have, whilst invigorating an old cushion, window or chair.

To take a look through the whole collection, pop into our showroom.

Never enough!

In our experience, us girls are always defending our volume of soft furnishings, how many times can we tell the men in our lives, “No! I can never have enough cushions or candles!” If they complain about your excessive amount of decorative candles, kindly point out that by lighting them you are saving money on both heating & lighting, can’t argue with that logic! If they complain about how many scatter cushions adorn your every corner, make them sit without one for a week then they will understand.

Cushions are such a great way to update and invigorate your home. Buying a new sofa every time you change your scheme, can prove very expensive nay nearly frivolous. But you can change your cushions, size, shape, pattern and colour, and the whole room takes on a different feel.

You can choose from any of our fabrics and we will make up your cushions in our local work room, alternatively you may already have the fabric, in which case we are more than happy to just to the making. You can turn all sorts to a great cushion, a silk scarf, an old dress, a fabulous blanket… It is a really unique way of keeping a memory. Pop by and we can go through all your options, for now, here is a little inspiration.

Above are some fabulous Sanderson cushions, gorgeous prints take on an almost vintage feel.

And perhaps more for the sophisticated baker in the family, you think of cake you think of the French. Patisseries in Paris, Macaroons in Marseille. When we think of ultimate cake indulgence we think of Marie Antoinette, and French Toile. Try this gorgeous fabric from GP & J Baker, ‘Poppies’ is subtle, romantic and timeless.

Sanderson Chino

The sun is certainly shining, and this heat means we are looking at soft fabrics, light in colour and weight. Sanderson’s new collection ‘Chino’ is bursting with soft drapes in gentle colours, with the feel of old denim. Perfect for upholstery, we love the idea of revamping an old chair, but also ideal for scatter cushions and dress curtains. To see the collection in full pop by our Showroom.