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Introducing Olivia Bard

Olivia Bard has taken her love of travel and adventure and put it all into the most beautiful, inspiring collection of fabrics, tiebacks and poles. Through out four distinct collections we can see unique, exciting patterns and textures displaying the mind of a fresh, creative designer. We are totally in love with all her collections and adore going through the books with you, our loyal clients.

Watch this fab video to get an even better insight into the origins of Olivia Bard fabrics

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Curious World’ is a collection that combines exciting safari with nature at it’s best. Subtle, soothing prints on earthy, neutral tones create a little African magic in your UK home.

‘Tamed World’ uses stunning watercolour to best understand the beauty of the botanical and how to bring the outdoors, in.

curtains bath, Harlow range

‘Love Peculiar’ is a vibrant mix of traditional art and landscapes from all over the world. With inspiration from traditional techniques, using bright bold colours, this collection beautifully combines a taste of the exotic with a touch of home.

‘Do Decadence’ is a brilliant illustration of the Art Deco era in Europe. Using a palette of golds and lavish tones, we can experience a little luxury in an every day world.

To see more of what the very, very talented Olivia Bard has to offer, pop by our Showroom and take a look through all her collections in full.