The 80’s are back!

Yes you read that right! So often in interiors as in fashion, trends do full circle and come back around. Even in music, I am sure we have all had our children sing a song only to be utterly shocked that we already know the words.

This Autumn in interiors sees the 80’s making a comeback. Think vivid colours, geometric shapes and modular concepts, sort of a cut-and-paste style of design. Plenty of brush strokes, monochrome mixed with peach and yellows, this trend is super playful and bold.

scion-tomoko-fabrics-wallpapers-mixed-details 4-scion-tomoko-fabrics-collage-mixed-cushions-textiles-decorations-black-and-white-mustard-green-velvets-scion

7-scion-tomoko-plains-one-plus-one-mustard-pink-textured-collage-wall-folder-with-samples-vases-modern 5-scion-tomoko-fabrics-cushions-plains-mustard-light-pink-living-space-japanese-zen-luxurious-interiors

Scion’s ‘Tomoko’ collection is full of vibrant colours and geometric patterns that are perfect for this trend (above)

cubis-12 cubis-14cubis-16 cubis-17

Romo has recently bought out this rather fabulous 80’s inspired collection; Cubis. The soft yellow are perfect for bringing a little sunshine into your home all year round. (above)

58379 60850

For something a little softer, try Designers Guild’ Marquisette collection.

To see all these fabrics in full, and more do pop by our Showroom.